Flexible, reliable support as and when you need it

Celerity provides technical support coverage throughout the UK with regional offices based in Glasgow, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Preston (head Office) and Ascot. Our team of technical consultants is second to none in the industry and it is because of this reputation that Celerity has become a leading IT solutions provider in the UK.

At Celerity we believe that our support services are a fundamental aspect of the project lifecycle. We provide the highest levels of support by staying loyal and close to our customer base. In order to deal with today’s complex IT environments you need a reliable support partner who understands your business, backed by a team of experienced professionals who possess the skills that you require and can respond immediately when needed.

Whilst we strive to deploy only the most reliable and available systems to all our clients, we also understand things can sometimes go wrong. It is for this very reason we have a structured support operation focused on making sure that your infrastructure investment and your production service is constantly available. All of Celerity's support consultants are vendor trained and independently certified to the highest industry standards. In addition to this our support operation has access to vendor databases to ensure we have the most up to date information and fixes from around the globe.


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